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1. Services

Category: 1. Services
  1. Transcript to all Miss Vicky’s Korean Podcast Episodes
  2. Weekly Assignments (Reading, Listening, Writing)
  3. Quizlet Classroom (Vocabulary study sets for each week’s assignment and podcast episode)
  4. Discord Server (Speaking classes, Q & A and other various channels)
Category: 1. Services

We welcome (and have materials for) learners of all levels.

2. Payment

Category: 2. Payment

You can select the membership and then proceed with the payment here.

Category: 2. Payment

Yes. Your membership will be renewed for $5 each month. You may cancel anytime before the end of the current subscription period, if you do not wish to renew your membership the next month.

Category: 2. Payment

We accept payment via PayPal. Please make sure you are using the card that supports international payment.

If you live in a country where PayPal is not supported, please email us at and we’ll guide you to another payment gateway.

3. Cancellation & Refund

You can cancel your membership anytime, which will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period. Please note that we do not provide refunds for any remainder of subscription periods. If you’d like to cancel your membership, please make sure to do so before your next recurring payment day.

How to Cancel Membership :

On your membership account, you can click on “cancel,” and then you can follow the instructions.

You may also just go straight to this link or log into your PayPal account and manage your payment. 

  1. Log into your PayPal recurring payments page. (
  2. Click on “Show Active”.
  3. Click on Explore Korean and “Cancel”. 

4.If you’d like to check the free sample of our weekly assignments, click here.

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