20 Hanja Idioms (한자성어) #1

Class Note:

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[List of 20 한자성어]

  • 1. 일석이조 (killing two birds with one stone) = 일거양득 (gaining two with a lift)

2. 십중팔구 (mostly)

3. 다다익선 (the more the better) <> 과유불급(too much is as bad as too little)

4. 다재다능 (talented)

5.  전무후무 (unprecedented, unparalleled)

6. 역지사지 (putting yourself in someone else’s shoes)

7. 타산지석 (taking other’s failure/fault as a good lesson) 

8. 자수성가 (making one’s own fortune, self-made)

9. 선남선녀 (good looking men and women)
천생연분 a match made in heaven / soulmate)

10. 흥청망청 (lavishy, extravagantly [spending money, partying])
개과천선 (to become a changed man)

11. 우문현답 (a wise answer to a silly question)

12. 현모양처 (a good mom and a good wife)

13. 학수고대 (looking forward, waiting desperately/ardently for)

14. 설상가상 (to make matters worse)

15. 금상첨화 (icing on the cake)

16. 박장대소 (applause mingled with laughter, laughing out loud)