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Lesson 19. How to say “about/around” (쯤, 정도)

When you want to say ‘approximately…’, ‘about…’ or ‘around…’ in Korean, or 정도 can be used after numbers or counters to convey that meaning.


[time, price, numbers etc] + 쯤 translates to ‘Around/approximately/about [time, price, numbers etc]’


Ex. 이 가방은 만 원 이에요 = This bag is for approximately 10,000 won.


A: 우리는 내일 몇 시 만날까요? = Around what time shall we meet tomorrow?
B: 오후 한 시 만나요 = Let’s meet around 1pm.


Ex. 저는 한국에서 4년 살았어요 = I lived in Korea for about 4 years.

Ex. 집에서 은행까지 버스로 10분 걸려요 = It takes approximately 10 minutes from my house to the bank by bus.

Ex. 언니 생일 파티에 50명 왔어요 = About 50 people came to my sister’s birthday party.



Another expression that has the same usage as 쯤 is 정도, and they can be used interchangeably. 


[time, price, numbers etc] + 정도 = ‘Around/approximately/about [time, price, numbers]’

Ex. 다음 주 정도에 다시 전화할게요 = I will call again sometime/around next week.

Ex. 엄마가 30분 정도 올 거랬어요 = Mom said that she will come in about 30 minutes.

Ex. 한국어를 1년 정도 배웠어요. I learned Korean for about a year.

Ex. 숙제를 한 시간 정도 전에 끝냈어요 = I finished my homework about an hour ago.

Ex. 저는 학교에 15분 정도 늦게 도착했어요 = I arrived approximately 15 minutes late to school

Ex. 한국에 1월 정도에* 갈 거예요. I’m going to Korea around January.

*쯤/정도 can be used with particles (other than topic/subject/object markers) and when they do, it comes before the particles.