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Lesson 23. Adj-아/어지다 : to become adjective | Making Adjective into Verb #1

Present Stem + ‘-지다’ can be attached to Adjectives to turn them into Verbs:

Adjective + 아/어지다 = to become (adjective)

Ex. 따뜻하다 (to be warm) = 따뜻해지다 (to become warm)

봄이 되니까 따뜻해졌어요 = It became warmer as spring came.


Ex. 맵다 (to be spicy) = 매워지다 (to become spicy)

고추장을 넣으면 더 매워질 거예요 = If you add red pepper paste, it will become more spicy.


Ex. 슬프다 (to be sad) = 슬퍼지다 (to become sad)

영화가 뒤로 갈수록 슬퍼져요 = The more the movie gets towards the end, the sadder it gets.


Ex. 건강하다 (to be healthy) = 건강해지다 (to become healthy)

건강해지고 싶으면 운동을 주기적으로 하고 소식하세요 =  If you want to become healthier, you should exercise regularly and eat lightly.


Ex. 낫다 (to become better) = 나아지다 (to become better)

감기가 나았어요 = My cold got better. (나아졌어요 X)

한국어 실력이 예전보다 나아졌어요 = My Korean skills have become better than before.


– Using Adj+아/어지다with: Verb-고 싶다 = Verb-고 싶어지다

Ex. 집에만 있으면 안 좋은 음식을 먹고 싶어져요 = If I only stay at home, I start craving bad food.

갑자기 맥주가 마시고 싶어요. = I suddenly crave beer.


– Using Adj+아/어지다with: -있다 ending adjectivese

Ex. 맛있다 (to be tasty) = 맛있어지다 (to become tasty)

설탕을 조금 더 넣으면 맛있어질 거예요 = If you add a little more sugar, it will become more tasty.

Ex. 재미있다 (to be fun) = 재미있어지다 (to become fun)

이 책은 뒤로 갈 수록 재미있어질 거예요 = The more this book will near to the end, the more fun it will become.


However, note that not all verbs that consist of 있다 are used in this way.

For example, 자신감이 있다 (to have confidence), 인기가 있다 (to be popular) etc. cannot be used with Adj+아/어지다 form.


– Using Adj+아/어지다 with -없다 ending adjectives

없어지다 = to disappear

Ex. 맛없다 (to not be tasty) = 맛없어지다 (to become not tasty)

라면을 나중에 먹으면 맛없어질 거예요 = If you eat ramen later, it will become not tasty.


Ex. 재미없다 (to be not fun) = 재미없어지다 (to become not fun)

영화가 뒤로 갈 수록 재미없어져요 = The more the movie nears to the end, the more boring it becomes.


Ex. 자신감이 없다 (to not have confidence) = 자신감이 없어지다 (to become not confident)

게임에 지고 나서 자신감이 없어졌어요 = After losing the game, I lost my confidence.


Ex. 인기가 없다 (to be unpopular) = 인기가 없어지다 (to become unpopular)

그 가수는 갑자기 인기가 없어졌어요 = That singer suddenly became unpopular.


Note that certain Verbs may seem like they are Adjectives based on their meaning. However, as they are Verbs, they cannot be combined with 아/어지다 form!

For example, 화 나다 (to become angry), 질투하다/질투나다 (to become jealous), 걱정하다 (to worry).