Extra Class Notes

Extra Class Notes
19Korean Sentence Making Practice (level 5) | Class Worksheet [1] file Level 102023-11-29334
18Korean Sentence Making Practice (level 1~4) | Class Worksheet [4] file Level 102023-11-191253
1710 Korean Sentence Endings (-네요, -다, -더라고(요), -구나, -잖아, -거든, -지, -거야, -(으)ㄴ/는데, -라) [1] file Level 102023-10-31546
16Korean Causative Verb #2 - Class Worksheet (Long Causative Verbs) file Level 102023-10-01398
15Korean Causative Verb #1-1. Sentence Practice (Live Class) [1] file Level 102023-08-20338
14Korean Causative Verb #1 - Class Note, List of Short Causative Verbs file Level 102023-08-16600
13[Listening Practice for Beginners and High Beginners] Questions & Script file Level 102023-07-23356
12["Wear" and "Take off" in Korean] Worksheet, Quiz, Quizlet set file Level 102023-06-14357
11[Korean Passive Verb #4 | Verb-아/어지다, -되다, -받다, -당하다] Worksheet/Word List file Level 102023-05-25579
10[Korean Passive Verb #3 | Vocab Class -히, -기] Word List & Quiz Files file Level 102023-05-20226
9[Korean Passive Verbs #2 | Vocab Class (-이, -리)] In-Class Notes file Level 102023-05-08431
8[Korean Passive Verbs #1 - Introduction] Worksheet & Passive Verbs List [7] file Level 102023-05-041315
7[Poetry Breakdown Class] 위험들 - 자넷 랜드 (Risks - Janet Rand) file Level 102023-04-23254
6[Lyrics Breakdown Class] 눈, 코, 입 (eyes, nose, lips) - 태양 Taeyang file Level 102023-02-17473
5[Game Class] 밸런스 게임 file Level 102023-02-13160
4[Hanja Class] Christmas-Related Words file Level 102023-02-13113
3[Poem Breakdown Class] 삶을 위한 지침 file Level 102023-02-13131
2[Lyrics Breakdown Class] BTS - Magic Shop file Level 102023-02-13364
1[Lyrics Breakdown Class] Blackpink - You Never Know file Level 102023-02-13329