Intermediate 1 > Lesson 3

Lesson 3. Indirect Quotations #2 ((으)라고, 자고)


Present Tense:

  1. Verb/Adj Stem + 냐고 + 묻다, 물어보다 (to ask)

Ex. 저는 지수한테 뭐 하냐고 물어봤어요 = I asked Jisoo what she’s doing.

Ex. 선생님께 한국어가 얼마나 어렵냐고 물어봤어요 = I asked the teacher how difficult Korean is.


  1. Noun(이)냐고 + 묻다, 물어보다

Ex. 제프가 한국사람이냐고 물어봤어 = I asked Jeff if he is Korean.

Ex. 지수네 어머니께서 제가 지수의 친구냐고 물어보셨어요 = Jisoo’s mom asked me if I am her friend.


냐고 vs –//은지 (indirect question)

//은지 can be followed by various other verbs like -묻다, 물어보다, 모르다, 알다, 궁금하다, 헷갈리다 etc.

냐고 is mostly followed by 묻다 & 물어보다 and is rarely used with other verbs.




Past Tense:

Verb/Adj Stem/이다 + 았/었냐고 + 묻다, 물어보다 (to ask)

Ex. 엄마가 저한테 시험을 잘 봤냐고 물어봤어요 = Mom asked me if I did well on the test.

Ex. 친구한테 왜 안 갔냐고 물어봤어 = I asked my friend why he didn’t go home.


Future Tense:

Verb/Adj Stem/ㄹ/을 거냐고 + 묻다, 물어보다 (to ask)

Ex. 엄마한테 오늘 저녁을 먹을 거냐고 물어보고 싶어요 = I want to ask mom if she will have dinner today.

Ex. 지수가 뭘 마실 거냐고 물어봐 = Ask Jisoo what she will drink.




*Verb-(으)라고 + 하다 (to say)/시키다 (to make someone do something)/추천하다 (to recommend)/ 권하다(to recommend)/ 제안하다(to suggest)/ 명령하다(to command) and so on…

*Note that only Present Verbs can be combined with -()라고 as you cannot command past actions! Also, Adjectives cannot be used with this form!


Ex. 엄마가 저한테 설거지 하라고 시켰어요 = Mom had me do the dishes.

Ex. 선생님께서 저희한테 수업 시간에 떠들지 말라고 했어요 = The teacher told us not to chat during class.




*Verb-자고 + 하다 (to say)/ 제안하다(to suggest)/초대하다(to invite)

*Note that only Present Verbs can be combined with –자고, Adjectives cannot be used with this form!


Ex. 지수한테 시험 끝나고 나서 같이 영화를 보러 가자고 했어 = I asked Jisoo to go watch a movie together after the exam.

Ex. 할아버지께 같이 산책 가자고 말씀 드렸어요 = I said let’s go hiking to my grandfather.