Verbs that follow -에 particle

Group ①

-에 타다                          get on (ride)

-에 앉다                          sit on

-에 서다                          stand on

-에 올라가다                    go up on         

-에 이르다 / 오르다          reach

-에 나오다                appear on (public media)

-에 출연하다                    appear on (TV)

-에 빠지다                1) fall into 2) fall for

-에 도착하다                    arrive

-에 미치다                go crazy about

-에 동의하다, 찬성하다      agree with

-에 반대하다                    disagree with


Group ②

-에 두다

-에 넣다                   keep in

-에 놓다

-에 보관하다


Group ③

-에 좋다                   be good for

-에 어울리다             suit

-에 맞다                   be right for

-에 약하다                1) have weakness for 2) be weak at

-에 강하다                have strength at

-에 관심이 있다        be interested in (have interest in)

-에 재능이 있다        be talented in  (have talent in)