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Lesson 8. How to say “Yes” and “No” in Korean

Most Basic Ways to say “Yes” and “No” in Korean


1. Yes, Okay

반말(casual, informal) : .

존댓말(polite, formal) : . (sometimes is also used.)


   2. No

반말: 아니.

존댓말: 아니요.


Example Dialogues

친구(Friend) : 밥 먹었어? (Have you eaten?)

나(Me) : . (Yes.)


할머니(Grandmother) : 나 좀 도와줘. (Give me some help.)

나 : . (Okay.)


여동생(Younger Sister): 언니, 자? (Sister, are you sleeping?)

나: 아니. (No.)


동료(colleague) : 지수 씨, 영어 잘해요? (Jisoo, do you speak English?)

지수: 아니요. (No.)