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Title[Korean Passive Verbs #2 | Vocab Class (-이, -리)] In-Class Notes2023-05-08 21:43
Name Level 10
AttachmentPassive Verbs in Sentences.pdf (26KB)Vocabs(-이,-리)List + Rough Class Notes.pdf (3.53MB)
You can find the class files in the attachment section above!
*There are a few revisions in the updated file that I wasn't able to properly explain during the class :
1) How to say "to lock one's phone, to unlock one's phone"
휴대폰을 잠그다 : to lock one's phone
휴대폰 잠금을 해제하다, 잠금을 풀다 : to unlock one's phone
2) 변하다 vs 바뀌다
변하다 (to be changed) is used for a change in someone or something's inner quality or personality.
바뀌다 (to be changed) is used for a change of someone or something's appearance or how they appear.
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