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Title[Korean Passive Verbs #1 - Introduction] Worksheet & Passive Verbs List2023-05-04 21:44
Name Level 10
AttachmentPassive Verb Introduction - Worksheet.pdf (23.7KB)List of Korean Passive Verbs.pdf (74.9KB)

You can find the files in the attachment section above.

The vocab list is for the next three live classes, where we'll focus on memorizing the vocabs (with visual aids like images or videos) and also making sentences.

There could be a few changes in the list, and I'll make sure to upload the updated list if I have to add a few more words. But there won't be any major changes, so feel free to use this list if you'd like to do a bit of prep before joining the live classes.

[Live Class Schedule]

Korean Passive Verbs #2 - Vocabs Class (-이, -리) - May 8th, 11am KST : Watch Live Class (Playback)

Korean Passive Verbs #2-1 - Review Session : May 14th (Sun), 1pm KST

Korean Passive Verbs #3 - Vocabs Class (-히, -기, -아/어지다) - May 19th (Fri), 7pm KST

Korean Passive Verbs #4 - Vocabs Class (-되다, -받다, -당하다) - May 26th (Fri), 7pm KST

In case there's any change in the live schedule, I'll announce it on my YouTube channel's community post.

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