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Title20세기 소녀 (20th Century Girl) - Script and Translation2023-02-05 13:33
Name Level 10
Attachment20th Century Girl (Korean & English).pdf (559.2KB)20th Century Girl (Korean Only).pdf (436.1KB)

First File : Korean + English

Second File : Korean only


You can find the movie“20세기 소녀(20th Century Girl)” on Netflix. It follows the first love and friendships of a high school student.

Highschool films are great for studying Korean, especially for learners at a relatively early stage, because most dialogues are neither too wordy or lenghty, making it easier for you to break down and understand the spoken sentences.

Anyhow, I wish you all the best on your 한국어 공부! ✨

(You can find the files in the "Attachment" section above!)

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